Saturday, June 27, 2009

Monte Carlo Closes Brew Pub

The Monte Carlo has closed its Brew Pub. This would have bad sad news ... if the Brew Pub hadn't long stopped being a relevant stop on the strip.

The Brew Pub was a favorite of mine for a while when they made its own beer. Then it just became another flavorless pub (pun intended) on the strip that really didn't add much of anything to the surroundings. The Brew Pub no longer was a destination spot on the strip. Instead it was just some big, cavernous room with no atmosphere that tried to double as a cheesy nightclub.

So honestly, good riddance.

The Monte Carlo seems like it is high speeding its way to demolition. The hotel tried to set itself on fire to avoid end its misery, but that didn't work. They stopped the fire too early.

The lazy river blows, and the pool only seemingly gets about six minutes of light a day.

Diablo's is waaaaaaaaaaaay overpriced. The Mexican food isn't that good. I'm sure I've mentioned this before, but I expect the Monte Carlo to see a wrecking ball before other noted hotels such as the Tropicana and Imperial Palace.

Finally putting the final nail in the Brew Pub's coffin just cements that notion.


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