Saturday, May 9, 2009

New Rooms at the El Cortez

Here are the new Cabana Suites at the El Cortez.

With some snazzy new rooms, the El Cortez joins the growing list of downtown casinos that are remodeling their hotels. The Golden Nugget, Fremont, California and Four Queens have made upgrades in recent years. Somebody at What Brian Thinks About Las Vegas, says that the Golden Gate has upgraded it's rooms, but I haven't seen it.

I know people won't give downtown a chance, but that just means better deals for the rest of us who do enjoy it.

The new Cabana Suites at El Cortez does not have a pool yet, but should have one shortly.


Fletch said...

I just happening to be checking to see if this was still active, and here you posted something just last weekend. You reviving this baby?

Mr. Booze said...

Alright, it's still here. But we'll try to do a post a week and see if we can get this bad boy up and running.