Wednesday, July 2, 2008

This seemed like a good idea

Ah, to be in a Harrah's Entertainment board meeting when some industrious employee said, "You know, our pool doesn't seem slutty enough. Maybe we should partner with a strip club."

And the worst part, somebody not only signed off on the idea, but they made it happen. Having a horrible idea is one thing, going through with it is quite another.

The Rio has partnered with Sapphire Men's Club because Little Darlings was just a bit too high class. The idea is for guys to flock in, thinking that they will be surrounded by a bunch of busty, blonde and topless Maidens, catering to your every whim. Lap dances on demand, and private shows in the cabanas, it was believed to be a man's paradise.

But the reviews are in, here and here.

The pool is about what you would expect. A bunch of dudes, no chicks and pretty lame. Seriously, did they think that women were going to flock to a pool hosted by strippers? Women can be self-conscious and many of them probably don't want to be hanging out next to surgically enhanced women who entertain for a living. Plus, the flip side is that many of these women thrive in the low glow of those strip clubs and not the bright light of the sun.

And do we even need to discuss the outrageous price for men? Seriously. If you want to go to the strip club, then go. But sometimes people just want to hang out at the pool and leer for free. Drink prices at the pools often are outrageous enough without adding a $30 cover charge. That's not going to happen.

The better idea would be to sell the pool as a place to escape the kids. But why do we have to pay for that in Las Vegas? If anything, the kiddie pools should be secluded and charging families to use. I would definitely stay at that hotel.

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