Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Monte Carlo Pool Area Choked Out

I have made mention of the Monte Carlo pool area being choked out by the rising City Center next door. Vegas Today and Tomorrow has some photographic proof.

The pool area at the Monte Carlo looks like it will be in the shade around 1 p.m. on most summer days. That might actually be of some relief to those who don’t want to be in the sun all day. But you would probably just rather rent a cabana instead.

This couldn’t happen to a worse pool area. The whole thing is a gigantic letdown. Mainly because of the lazy river. The same lazy river when they won’t let you float around on an inner tube, sipping on a Miller Chill. Thousands of kids urinate in the pool, but please, don’t spill any alcohol.

I recently predicted that the Monte Carlo will be the first of the “new” resorts to see the wrecking ball. Probably before the Tropicana, Imperial Palace or some of the other places that people throw out there. They will have to at least get a new pool area once City Center gets up and running, as that situation can’t last.

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