Saturday, February 14, 2009

Tropicana Getting Image Makeover

The Tropicana Entertainment has hired an image consulting firm to spruce up its reputation. The same company that helped lead Starbucks to lofty heights. But is this a good thing?

The simple answer is yes. Anything that will help keep the Old Dame alive and kicking. Now some of you would -- probably a lot of you -- hate Starbucks, but they are popular. And profitable. The key here is that the Tropicana is looking to be a value property. Something the regular folks can afford. And that's great. But the Trop needs to embrace its history too. (Not taking down that Rat Pack picture near the men's restroom would help.)

Some people actually enjoy staying in places were the Vegas legends have graced the halls. Not some strip mall with a casino.

To borrow a little bit from the comments on that story linked above, here are some suggestions for the Tropicana.

1. Get a cool sports book. Most people would agree that this could be the worst sports book in history. There is a lot of used space in the hotel. Maybe the area by the poker room. Maybe the bar in the back tower. Find some space and make a cool sports book. Follow the blueprint that they used for Benny's Bullpen downtown and make a nice little place.

2. Increase the appeal of the pool area. One of the comments on that story talked about having cabanas dug into the ground. That would be awesome.

C. Have a least one place where you can get deals on drinks. The Fremont has $2 Coronas and Heineken. O'Shea's sells $1 Miller products. Do something like this. Loosen up the wheels and get people having a good time.

4. And probably the most important. Do not tear down the garden rooms. Remodel, but don't tear them down. Maybe fix the plumbing, too.

5. There is a hidden pool in the back. Make it European style and put in a bar.

But these are just small things. The Tropicana has always treated me right, so they don't need too many improvements.

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