Monday, June 9, 2008

Hooters Deal Falls Through

Good news for those of us that still believe in this place. Hooters made some mistakes at the start, but they are starting to find their way right now. Hopefully the place will be open long enough for me to get in my stay in late July.

The owner of Las Vegas's lascivious Hooters Casino Hotel is anything but well-endowed now that its buyout deal fell through and the company may be left with mountains of debt.

Investment company 155 East Tropicana, said Monday that it was terminating its agreement to sell Hooters Casino Hotel to Hedwigs Las Vegas Top Tier for $98.0 million after the buyer failed to make a required $500,000 payment by June 6. (More ...)

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Conrad Bain said...

Nice site! All Vegas, all the time...

I've always thought that Hooters would have inherent problems in Vegas in that there are already so many tits there. And really, who needs a waitress with big cans bringing you baskets of chicken wings, when you can go someplace a block away and have a witress with big cans bringing you oysters on the half shell? But I never got to Hooters LV so what do I know?